When to Utilize

When working with large amounts of data and performing repetitive operations.
When accurate image-based inspection data analysis and reporting is needed.
When dimensional or volume analysis is needed, especially for buildings or sites that are large or hard-to-reach/measure.
When you need analysis that goes beyond the visual spectrum, such as Thermal and LiDAR analytics.
When you’re looking to automate a process based on images or video.
When you’re looking for Engineering-Grade tools and data analysis at an affordable prices based on our efficiency in developing software.

& Expertise

Industry Expertise
  • Market Active With Clients Including Fortune 500 Companies
  • Specialized in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation!
  • Ability to white-label and license our data analytics and visualization platforms for client internal use
  • All processes hosted on cloud services and fully automated

Our data

Data Collection
Multiple Vehicle Based Data Collection
Multi-tiered Data Collection
Data Analytics
Raw Data Processing
Machine & Deep Learning
Image Processing Techniques
Data Visualization
Web-based Data Portal
View & Manipulate Data
Engineering Grade Toolbox